Prices & Packages


We offer a range of price-points and packages to fit any situation. Packages are tailored to individual needs upon request.

Includes a two-hour meeting (over one or two sessions) from which you emerge with a sharable document outlining your medical and end of life wishes to share with loved ones. 


($100 for subsequent immediate family members)

Includes meeting with loved ones, liaising with funeral homes, and attending and hosting the event (can include delivering the eulogy).



Hourly charged on meeting with client/loved ones, facilitating and managing end of life events.


per hour


per event

Home/in-patient hospice visits/ end of life vigiling.

Legacy work can be included in daytime visits.


for first daytime hour, $65 for subsequent same-day daytime hours


per hour  8:00pm – 8:00am

Available during daytime hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm

$ 70

per hour

From preparing ahead for one’s eventual passing to the final celebration of life,
One Step Beyond will help lighten your load and design an end-of-life journey as special and unique as you.